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Maintaining the organizational and administrative document flow accompanies the activity of any company.

Working with different types of information creates a common information space for the company. The system lets you store any type of documentation and create links between documents.

Pilot-ECM provides secure collaboration with files of any format. When a file is modified, versions of the files are created, and you can return to any version. Each user can subscribe to receive file change notifica-tions.

Templates with automatic completion of attributes will help simplify the creation of documents.

The system enables agreement, approval and acknowledgement of electronic documents. The annotation of electronic documents with text and graphic comments and communication on them are supported when those are pending for approval.

Pilot-ECM tracks the creation of versions of documents and helps you quickly find differences in the text of documents in an automated mode.

In Pilot-ECM, you can create any routes of documentation flow. You can assign tasks for development and approval of documentation with the control of their execution: all stages of the life cycle of work with the task are logged (issued, in work, on verification), the history of changes in the task is saved. You can spec-ify the information on the task in the correspondence; you can assign an auditor on the task to track the progress of its execution.

You can set up integration with e-mail and electronic document management systems.

Key features and benefits

Common information space of the company

Storage of any kind of documentation, prompt retrieval of information, keeping data relevance and differentiation of access rights.

Control of work execution

You will be able to control deadlines and track bottlenecks in the business processes of the company

Providing smooth work of remote departments and employees

You can set up access to the system for permanent and temporary employees, branches, partners.

Data security from theft and loss

All information will be stored on the server of your company under control of Pilot-Server, with differentiation of access rights to information.

Refusal to use paper within the company.

You will be able to maintain legally significant electronic document flow in Pilot-ECM system.


Supported languages


System Requirements

Server application:

- Windows 10

- Windows 8.1

- Windows 7 SP1

- Windows Server 2008R2 and higher

- GNU/Linux supporting.NET Core 2.1

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and higher .NET Core 2.1

Client application:

- Windows 7 Service Pack 1

- Windows 8.1

- Windows 10

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and higher




Install and use Pilot-ECM free of charge in 2-user mode