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Pilot-ICE can be used as an out-of-the-box solution. You can start working in it immediately after installa-tion.

Centralized information storage, structuring of documents (incoming correspondence, contracts, project documentation, explanatory notes) on projects and other types of production activities. The system has implemented file access rights differentiation for a convenient arrangement of collaboration and reduction of risk of loss or damage of files by other employees.

Operative management of company processes in Pilot-ICE is implemented through the tools of task as-signment and execution control. Ability to create any routes of document flow.

Approval of documentation and maintenance of the register of remarks. Version control of electronic doc-uments with saving data of each version (authorship, date and time of publication, etc.), the ability to track changes in each version.

Preserving the legal significance of electronic documents when unloading them from the system (saving electronic signatures, the ability to work with documents outside Pilot-ICE).

Analysis of data (on projects, completed tasks) with the help of ready-to-use reports in the system for mak-ing managerial decisions.

The search can be run by various attributes for quick access to documentation.

Key features and benefits

Ordered structure for folder and file storage

Pilot-ICE places different types of documentation, unambiguously linking it to projects, creates links between documents. It allows you to control displaying (editing) only the projects that are currently relevant.

Controlled data exchange

Ability to configure data synchronization with the server and choose what changes to share with colleagues.

Enabling work of remote departments and employees

You can set up access to the system for permanent and temporary employees, branches, partners.

Data manage

Data protection through storage on the local server of the enterprise and access rights management.

Saving traffic and instant access to large files.

Caching files on the user's computer reduces the load on local networks, provides autonomous work in the system if there is no connection to the server.


Supported languages


System Requirements

Server application:

- Windows 10

- Windows 8.1

- Windows 7 SP1

- Windows Server 2008R2 and higher

- GNU/Linux supporting.NET Core 2.1

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and higher, .NET Core 2.1

Client application:

- Windows 7

- Service Pack 1

- Windows 8.1

- Windows 10

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and higher



Special offer

Install and use Pilot-ICE free of charge in 2-user mode