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Design with ASCON Solutions:
Powerful Functionality • Easy-Learning • Cost-Effective



KOMPAS-3D - 3D CAD solution from ASCON provides effective industrial product development, release of design and drafting documentation.

KOMPAS-3D combines all basic features for Parametric 3D Solid Modelling, full-scale 2D Design and Drafting opportunities, special add-ons for photo rendering, motion simulation, kinematic and dynamic analysis, import/export from other CAD/AEC/PLM solutions.

KOMPAS solutions are famous for its powerful functionality in the mid-range CAD segment, easy-to-use and learn features and comfortable interface, reasonable price and strong compatibility functions. During over 30 years history of KOMPAS software solutions over 100 000 seats has been installed.

Key features and benefits

The KOMPAS-3D system has powerful functions for managing projects of thousands of sub-assemblies, parts, and standard library products. It supports all the capabilities of 3D solids and surface modeling that have become the standard among medium-level CAD/CAM programs, including these ones:

  • Intuitive creation of new geometry and surfaces.
  • Associative settings for element parameters.
  • Boolean operators for generating atypically shaped elements; functions include union, intersection, and subtraction.
  • Advanced surface and shape modeling for designing complex, ergonomic, and easy to use industrial products; functions include point grids, by network of curves, ruled surfaces, extrusions, lofted surfaces, swept surfaces, and revolutions.
  • Construction of auxiliary lines and planes, and spatial curves, including broken lines, splines, and spirals.
  • Addition of structural elements, such as chamfers, fillets, holes, stiffness elements, and thin-walled shells.
  • Creation of any shape of arrays and assembly components.
  • Component modeling with assemblies, with relative positioning of parts in assemblies.
  • Constraints for mating assembly components, including automatic constraints for faster assembly creation.
  • Special tools to simplify work with large assemblies.
  • Flexible parts and assembly editing, including characteristic points.
  • Redetermination of the parameters of any element at any design stage causes a reconstruction of the whole model.
  • Effective mould design with pattern drafts, joint lines, cavities defined by part shape, and shrinkage allowance.
  • Capable sheet metal modeling through sheet body creation, bends, holes, louver, fillets, punching (stamping) and cutting, cap closing, sheet metal unwrapping, and associative drawings of unwrapped sheet metal.
  • Inserting standards products into the model from a library, generating user model libraries.
  • Efficient collision detection of parts.

New User Interface

Toolbars have been combined into ribbon-like sets, with each set designed for specific tasks. As you switch between different types of documents, the sets change dynamically. Users can work in traditional light mode or the new dark theme (see figure 1).

The new Quick Access Toolbar offers easy access to commands that select modes, control images, and more.

We added more languages, so that users can run KOMPAS-3D in English, Turkish, and Korean.

Figure 1: New user interface for KOMPAS-3D offering light and dark themes

Significantly Improved 3D Modeling

We rewrote KOMPAS-3D's internal algorithms to improve performances. The result is that many tasks are now accelerated, such as working with three-dimensional models (see figure 2), creating and updating associative views (see figures 3 and 4), displaying the user interface and work windows, more. The updated system is now the fastest version ever of KOMPAS-3D.

Figure 2: KOMPAS-3D works faster with 3D models

Figures 3 and 4: Algorithmic improvements speed up associative view updates

Users can now insert components into assemblies that are mirrored (see figure 5).

Figure 5: Inserting mirrored components into an assembly

KOMPAS-3D is better at working with sheet metal with the new functions that we added, and we improved the way that fillets are constructed.

New Versioning Capability

Model documents can now contain multiple versions of the same model. Data about two or more model-build options take common design features and then generate the variations with user-defined differences.

Miscellaneous Updates

We improved how the BOM (bills of materials) and the Add-Ons Configurator work.


Supported languages


System Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements
  • CPU with SSE2 support
  • graphic adapter with OpenGL 2.0 support 
  • all the other components of minimum hardware configuration to install and run KOMPAS-3D are defined by the minimum system requirements of the corresponding operating systems
Recommended for optimum performance
  • 64-bit operating system version
  • multi-core CPU (4 cores or more), 3 GHz or higher
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • NVIDIA graphic adapter with OpenGL 4.5 support, with 2 GB graphic memory or more
  • display with 1920 х 1080 or higher resolution
Recommended for working with large assemblies
  • 64-bit operating system version
  • multi-core CPU (4 cores or more), the fastest available clock frequency (4 GHz or higher)
  • 16 GB RAM or more
  • NVIDIA graphic adapter with OpenGL 4.5 support, with 4 GB graphic memory or more
  • solid state drive (SSD) to install KOMPAS-3D and store KOMPAS documents
Operating system recommendations:

– MS Windows 10

– MS Windows 8.1

– MS Windows 7 SP1




Runs for 30 days from the date of installation.

add-on packages


3D-Storage is a system for data storage and collaboration of engineers.

The tool serves for the arrangement of the collaboration of designers with models, drawings, specifications of KOMPAS-3D and other CAD at the development stages: technical proposal, sketch design, technical design, detail design documentation of prototype, i.e. before the generation of the engineering bill of material. Companies can use the system to set up remote mode of work.



The Animation add-in performs motion simulation of 3D products developed with KOMPAS-3D. The add-in simulates real-world motions of products and their component parts, and then records them as video recordings in AVI format.


Cable 3D

Design System "Cables and Harnesses" is a specialized Add-on for electrical cables and harnesses modelling in KOMPAS-3D.


Stamp 3D

The 3D Stamps application is intended for automating design of stamps for sheet metal parts designed in KOMPAS-3D. The Add-On allows to create a set of all technical documentation necessary for a stamp.


Dimensional Chain Calculator Add-in

The Dimensional Chains Calculation Add-On calculates dimension chains, and finds the right value of closing segments using a variety of calculation methods.


Materials Library

Material library is database of information about materials that are used to manufacture products. Materials Library applies physical and mechanical material properties to 3D models designed in KOMPAS-3D.

An object of this Materials library is a material, shape, processing, document that defines requirements to an object or its properties, assortment, assortment example.


Mould 3D

Mould design system is an application for KOMPAS-3D intended for automatization of design and construction works and technological operations related to design of moulds for pressure casting of plastic parts.

Mould design system is a powerful tool for increasing performance of production accessories designers, for increasing design quality and therefore improving competitiveness of company’s products.


Pipelines 3D

Pipelines 3D is a specialized application for KOMPAS-3D software; it is intended for automation of routine works on pipelines design.
The library is intended for using in the machine building area and for designing utility networks.
The application can use components manually created by user and components from Standardized Parts catalogues as standard pipeline’s components.



KOMPAS-Expert is an Add-On for finding and correcting errors in КОМПАС-3D documents.


Standard Parts Catalogue

Standard Parts library contains standard parts according to DIN and ISO standards.

The catalogue contains 3D models and 2D drawings of standard parts and structural elements both for KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graphic.



APM FEM is a strength analysis module designed to work with the CAD software system KOMPAS-3D.

The main goal of the module is to help engineer to make reasonable design decisions using 3D models calculations. This undoubtedly improves the quality and saves time spent on product development, and therefore makes it competitive!


eCAD KOMPAS-3D converter

The 3D circuit board model converter is a specialized module used to import a 3D circuit board model, designed in systems like P-CAD and Altium Designer (also named Protel in the past). The converter can read the standardized data exchange IDF format in KOMPAS-3D. The converter works with IDF-files exported from P-CAD (v. 2000-2006), OrCAD (v. 9.X), and Altium Designer.

Once imported into KOMPAS-3D, the 3D models of printed circuit boards are then used to arrange other devices, blocks, equipment modules, and so on. 



The KompasFlow application is a KOMPAS-3D integrated tool for rapid testing of the aerohydrodynamics of a design device.

KompasFlow has a simple interface for rapid testing of a device in early design stages and makes it possible to make a primary assessment of the impact of modifications of device geometry on its effectiveness.